Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI Management)

  • ACCEL’s VMI service offered to its customers is most competitive
  • ACCEL conducts VMI management in one of its Mexico facility where your Maquiladora is located.
  • Also, ACCEL’s cost for VMI is lower as most of our competitors handle material in the US
  • Our strategic border locations, infrastructure aimed at reducing cost and increasing speed, extensive experience and cost are unbeatable competitive advantages
  • We will gladly provide references of our happy customers who use this service

Relevance of VMI

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) capability has significant positive impact on your business with Mexican maquiladoras

  • Vendor-managed inventory (VMI) is a family of business models in which the buyer of a product provides specific information to a supplier (vendor) of that product; and the supplier takes full responsibility for maintaining an agreed inventory of the material, usually at the buyer's consumption location (usually a store).
  • ACCEL is a reputable and qualified provider of VMI services
  • The VMI expertise coupled with IMMEX certification (described next) makes ACCEL a top choice to import, store and distribute raw material and components to nearby Maquiladoras
  • Your factory personnel are experts in manufacturing, why constrain them with complex material management task. We are the material logistics experts. That is what we do the day and the day out. Let us manage your materials. Give us a chance to sit down with your managers and develop the best solution to support your factory in real time.

ACCEL Provides Valuable IMMEX Service

ACCEL is IMMEX certified and, as a benefit, can save customers significant cost as well as reduce the complexity of your logistics process.  What is IMMEX? Please read on ….

IMMEX is a program for foreign companies that are manufacturing in Mexico and exporting goods that provides a tax incentive from the Mexican government. 

The stimulus consists of allowing a Mexican company to carry out “temporary” importations of production inputs and assets without having to pay the otherwise assessed value added tax; which is 16%. 

To obtain the incentive a Mexican company must be in the business of directly or indirectly producing goods which are subsequently exported and must be registered with Mexico’s Department of Economy under the IMMEX program.

Being a registered IMMEX company and enjoying its benefits requires certain recordkeeping and inventory controls for traceability in case of regulatory audits.

ACCEL is IMMEX certified; this along with a long list of capabilities and experienced resources make ACCEL a unique partner all set to help you expand your business in Mexico

ACCEL has the necessary infrastructure to comply with Government requirements

Mexican companies that are registered under IMMEX and import goods “temporarily” must export those goods within a certain time frame out of Mexico or “transfer” those goods to another IMMEX company within Mexico or change the status of “temporarily” imported goods to “definitive” status.

IMMEX certification is an enormous benefit

If you are dealing with a Mexican company, not IMMEX certified or using a third party’s certification, you are incurring unnecessary cost ACCEL can help you avoid

Contact ACCEL to understand the benefit in full detail