Free Trade Zone (Recinto Fiscalizado) and its Benefits to Customers

  • Recinto Fiscalizado essentially means Mexican Free Trade Zone (FTZ)
  • ACCEL has the exclusive ownership of the FTZ areas on Zaragoza near El Paso, Texas, and Geronimo, Juarez, Mexico near Santa Teresa, New Mexico, USA
  • The “In-Bond” material imported from foreign countries and USA Domestic material is shipped to Mexican FTZ; which is physically in Mexico; the material is not yet considered "imported to Mexico."
  • Since the Mexican customs is next door to ACCEL’s border FTZ facility, we can perform necessary functions to prepare goods before officially “importing” them
  • As a result, we have a significant cost advantage over competitors because the labor cost of carrying out tasks such as cross docking (for example) is much lower than the US labor cost.

  • The cost of performing the same functions in the US is higher due to labor as well as higher cost of rent, staff, services, equipment, and utilities
  • In FTZ area, the customer only pays for services that are used as opposed to a flat charge independent of volume of services consumed
  • By active use of our Mexican FTZ facility, the US distribution center can reduce or eliminate their operation; can process all or a portion of (excess) trailer loads imported
  • The US distribution centers (DC) can maintain volume balance within their capability and farm out excess load to our FTX facility; thus the DC can keep stable process, avoid delay due to overflow, eliminate overtime, avoid cost over-runs, etc.
  • We guarantee zero errors in import documentation or agree to pay the penalty if customs discover any errors
  • We are the best logistics option for the US or other foreign companies to export to or import from Mexico. UPS, FEDEX and many other companies are already using ACCEL’s FTZ (free trade zone) operations to reduce their cost and increase speed and efficiency.


Localization : Right next to Zaragoza Mx customs
Express line to Accel
Rapid acces to return to the US
37 docks
Plenty of trailer parking
Working hours, same as mx customs 6:00 am to 12:00 pm
week days, saturday and sunday if requested.
Other logistics companies use our services: FEDEX, UPS
We are 1.2 miles from our Distribution Center in El Paso Tx.
Accel is the only logistics company authorized to operate a FTZ in the region.
We are IMMEX certified.